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A few words about difficulty level options

Before you decide to buy dissertation here, we would like to tell you more about the kind of service we provide, what it will include, etc. First, let’s see what difficulty levels we can help you with.

As our team of authors is rather diverse, you can order a dissertation of any of the three difficulty levels:

  • A Bachelor thesis – a relatively short dissertation designed to illustrate your abilities of supervised research. Virtually all dissertation writers are cleared to work on such orders.
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  • A Doctoral dissertation which includes a PhD dissertation – a top assignment that is usually worked on by 10% of our dissertation authors with 6+ years of experience.

Specify your difficulty level in the ordering form and rest assured that an appropriately qualified specialist will be assigned to work on it.

Buying dissertation – as a whole or in parts

To prevent overspending on the part of our clients, we provide package or individual services (i.e. you can buy a thesis entirely conceived and developed by our experts or get certain chapters). If you decide to go with the package service, it will include working on the following parts:

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Conclusions for thesis. If you decide to purchase thesis from our writers, we’ll pay special attention to your conclusion chapter so that it makes a lasting impression on your reader.

References for thesis. Writing a good references page takes time and a lot of concentration – not to mention you have to respect the style.

Dissertation bibliography. More general than the references page, a bibliography is a summary of all the sources you have used in the research.

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